The house Protects the Dreamer

In four years, I've migrated to countless times. Maybe a lot more in the last ten years. My psychic life has moved in parallel to a body, that has wandered and suffered a changing reality and overwhelming. I have been able to record the turns with pain, though many times with pleasure.

The search for the psychic center, sparked by an inescapable necessity (ananke) motorized exploration of the unknown, even forbidden, subjecting us to risk, to a loss adamic. There is one aspect of this need that appropriates the will when it is revealed as an epiphany. But it is essentially an impulse unconscious that leads us to scenarios unexpected, and at the same time sought.
The body, the home, and geography are lumen of this same need to balance the psychic rocking. Center and movement (Hestia and Hermes) seem to be tied irrevocably to our life.

Is the impulse to the exploration, at the risk of split paradigms, and find that center, are not at odds. Both guide the process of individuation. Both respond to real needs of the dynamism of the psiquear: do soul. I paraphrase, López-Pedraza: we do not know; we do not recognise; we are anonymous for ourselves. It is for this reason that our “psiqueo” will have a continuous displacement, unless the pond. The paradox will be associated with the experience, and it will be incomprehensible, until we can tease out their meaning, and so on, as the image infinite in front of the mirrors borgeanos in which we can all look at us.

The Center represented arquetípicamente by the goddess Hestia, also passes through a dimension to the flesh. The body is the first house of the psyche. Soma gives us an account of the anguish, fear, joy, loneliness inevitable. And seeks refuge and solace in the pleasure, in the internal images, to continue to connect with Eros. Without this must-stop intimate recollection, connection subjective, we could not continue the path of being.
The purple symbolizes the center vestal. The house, the room, the floor, that we choose as home is like a body. It is the one that embraces the body, body systems sensitive that make it vibrant or aterido. No matter the look you have that space, but the breath that you provide to us. The strange physics of a new home, their smells, their flats, they are paying to our gaze to penetrarnos with its familiarity. Little by little, we own when we give a piece of our soul.

The geography, I think that is the most hard to take in as their own. The amplitude of a strange landscape fills us with a sense of inabarcabilidad. It can be beautiful (which complicates the nostalgia), but our psyche will need a time to be seduced by its beauty. The eyes that observe the otherness will be susceptible to introjection, a resonance inside, but also impressionable hopelessly to the alien.

Hestia is present at the beginning, and in the development of a sense of belonging to the place where you will keep going on our lives. In connection with its influence will find the enclosed space that will give us order and shelter: a sacred place to connect with what is most intimate and profound of our psychic life. To find that space we require mainly of patience. In addition, we need creativity; to break with references, stereotypes and conventions; as well as devaluing the chronological time that we imposed on the culture, instantaneity, or licuidad. It is not an easy task.

In this last year, I've gone to hatch my own center. Small roots promising I have managed to take in this land of salamanca, where dwell the ghosts of a past different to mine. The fire place in the city, in my house and in my psyche has made me feel the warmth of the familiar. I have been passing through the mist of my eyes is sore to seek clarity and comfort in my loneliness, where it has only been possible to harmonize my sorrows, my achievements, and the twists of a future that will not stop.
“The house protects the illusions, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace...” Gaston Bachelard.

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