Migration / Movement

Migrate mobilizes our psyche, and vice versa: the essence psychic is dynamic, it leads us to change, even when we stay in the same place; and even without a full awareness of the reasons.

In any new experience we will have more questions for clarification; until we can assimilate it, and until that reason is to enlighten you. To understand all there is after that a decision can be very painful, or complex, that is why it requires time, not chronological, but the time of assimilation: indeterminate, in particular. Is the tempo of the psyche, which comes when you are willing to that truth. Meanwhile it is necessary to tolerate the uncertainty.

Even when daily life that we have managed to organize hosts us in that sense of stability, that we desire and require, the fluent psychic is always brewing the change, the search for a balance (homeostasis), which can lead us to unknown places. And when the need for development is manifest, then, is embodied in a decision.

What we live, for better or for worse, contributes greatly to this shoot psychological, although we also may stall. What we see for example with the traumatic experiences, the lock in the face of adversity; or the attachment to the security and control of the environment where we are; or resistance to change based schemes are set in stone, or honor points. It is for this reason that many times we need an accompaniment (psychotherapy) and push or a host of other (support network).

It is not easy to give up what we have known, nor the culture, including our instinct, we have been taught to achieve the main objective of life: the home. However, the evolution of the inner world, and contingencies, may lead us to understand that the house, which is defined as a home, you are the same, alongside those who have decided to love: children, grandchildren, friends, partner, or who you choose as companions in life, wherever you are.

Sometimes the house has to be moved, and the foundations suffer. Sometimes the house cannot move, and the foundation also suffer. But we can find ways to compensate for the suffering, and move forward.

C. G. Jung called Individuation this dynamic process, psychic and transformer of personality: living in function of the maximum expression of the essence personal and unique. This will bring us closer to mankind, own and of the other, regardless of the culture, and of what we already knew. To make awareness of this essential principle of the psychological life will contribute to the adjustment and integration into other geographies.

Migrate puts us to the red-hot the processes of psychological change. It forces us to see ourselves from the inside. The waiver of the referents of the well-known us places emotionally in a vacuum; in the desolation of a desert, disoriented. And are put to the test not only our capabilities yoicas, but the tour risky for all those wells interior, own, that we had covered branches, and even flowers, so as not to peer into its abyss. The migration puts us in front of a mirror that challenges us: it is the confrontation with the dissolution of the house of physical and emotional geography known, the cold giddy in the body, and the approach of the new, the different.

But, what can we do as they occur these ongoing changes?

Join me to reflect on this topic and many more, in this space without floor, in the urgency of this time no time for the psiquear: process ask ourselves: do soul.

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