Get to know a bit more about me

Professional training: I'm a Clinical Psychologist, graduated from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela (1989). I went to the specialty clinic at the Caracas Military Hospital "Dr. Carlos Arvelo".

I am endorsed as a professional by the Federation of Psychologists of Venezuela (Not. 2711; And I am a member of the Venezuelan Society of Psychotherapy (AVEPSI). I did a Diploma in Counseling therapy Drug addiction in Medellin, Colombia. I obtained international certification as a counselor therapeutic drugs: Certificate No. 0009N2. issued by the American Federation of Therapeutic Communities (FLACT).

I made a training professional, currently named the Psychology Perinatal: in Venezuela is a certification as a “Facilitator of Births Humanized”: care of the pregnant woman, the newborn and his family.

In the Island of Margarita, I was the director of a center for early Education (maternal and pre-school), and Education Prenatal and Postnatal directed to pregnant women and couples, aimed at creating “awareness gestational and patterns of parenting healthy: physical and emotional readiness for the physiological parturition; rights and duties of the pregnant woman; greater inclusion of the father from the process of pregnancy; activism to prevent the violence midwifery in the health institutions.

I have professional training as a psychotherapist counselling psychodynamic: Psychotherapy Deep, Psychology, Archetypal, Psychoanalysis, Jungian. And other training courses: Mythology, Greco-roman and Theory, Jungian, Art and Culture (SIDPaJ, Valencia, Spain).

I posted an essay called "The Metaphor in the process of Individuation" (Compendium: Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy Jungian: looks and contemporary applications).

In the 2019 emigrated to Spain, and I asenté in the city of Salamanca. Since that time, I participated in a Creative Writing Workshop run by the Library of the Casa de las Conchas de Salamanca. I have also published literary texts. 


Spanish: Native

English: Very Fluid

Portuguese: Fluent